File:Https:2188af15caecea6a6d84cd151e60ff5b.jpg Elizabeth 'Lizzie', also known as LDShadowLady, is a YouTube video game commentator who mainly plays Minecraft. She plays quite a variety of games, some of them are Minecraft, Prop Hunt, and Call of Duty. She is a member of The Pixel Pact.

LDShadowLady is known for ShadowCraft and the other videos she does with her friends. She is also in a series called Minecraft Enchanted Oasis.

Personal lifeEdit

LDShadowLady is 22 years old. She lives in the United Kingdom and attends Liverpool University. She is currently studying 3D computer animation and visualisation at a university in Liverpool. She stated that she sometimes has troubles recording because she has to keep up with university school work.

She likes to keep her last name private from the internet, it is hinted from her username that it starts with a "D". (Be a true Shadow Cadet, don't post her last name!)

SmallishBeans, also known as Joel, is LDShadowLady's boyfriend. They are engaged. (and planning the wedding)

She also owns a P.O. Box, but so many people wanted signed photographs that she put them up for sale on Etsy after shipping got expensive.


LDShadowLady's hair is fake.oh come on who is born with pink hair its brown. Ldshadow lady is 23 has a cat [ buddy]. She is engaged to Smallishbeans or Joel. She has no kids. Lizzie's real name is Elizabeth .

lizzie has friends like yammy tif joey joel  stacey and more72.45.42.122 01:58, May 18, 2018 (UTC)nayeli

YouTube partnershipEdit

LDShadowLady's partnership with YouTube and Maker Studios Network is going just fine. She is funded well by her almost 4,000,000 subscriber base. LDShadowLady doesn't make much money from her signed photographs due to the price only covering shipping.